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About Ironclad Miniatures

Ironclad Miniatures was founded in 2005 by John Lowen. We are committed to producing well-made and researched models for gaming in a wide variety of scales and periods. 

We manufacture high quality models for wargaming in a variety of scales including 15mm, 20mm and 25mm amongst others. Our models are supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.The models are cast in a high quality resin and whitemetal providing excellent detail and requiring only the minimum of cleaning up and assembly. They can be painted with acrylic, enamel or oil paints as required.

We are continually adding new products to existing ranges as well as bringing out new ranges. Please check our website regularly for new and exciting products.





Acknowledgments for painted figures:

Painted Empires - Paul is a painter of high standards and we have commissioned him to paint several of our Victorian characters and we can highly recommend his services.


War Paint Figures - Stewart is a very good painter and has painted several of our ranges and some of my own personal wargaming figures.