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Despite owning a wargames manufacturing company and thus having access to lots of shiny toys I have not done much in the way of gaming for several years now. So I have taken the rather rash decision to do something about it and do some gaming and modelling before the hobby, which I have loved since the age of 12!, turns into nothing more than a job.

So where to start? Well In Her Majesties Name is a good starting point for now, I have watched people play the game at shows and its seems like jolly good fun, also as if by some strange coincedence it fits right in with Ironclad's VSF range!

I thought I would do a company based on the British Rifle Company but using the Royal Navy Armoured Boarding Party figures and I have called them the Special Boarding Section or more commonly Known as the SBS. I have used a pack of each to form the basis of the unit.


Instead of classing them as wearing a breastplate I will count them as wearing a chainmail shirt to keep the points values down.

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  1. Wayne Aitken

    I really enjoy I.H.M.N. and the rule set G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. and your V.S.F. range is great for both.

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