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One thing I have wanted to do for a while now is start a blog to share my interests and progress with various projects for a while now. There are many great blogs out there at the moment which I find quite inspiring and I hope people might find this new blog inspiring to.

So where do I start? Two of my main interests are the colonial period and the Victorian Sci-fi genre and as such that is the main thrust of our business as well. I started sometime ago writing a set of rules for VSF gaming and one of the things that I hope to get on with this year is to get them finished and play tested. The rules are for games that would involve 50/60 figures aside plus vehicles.

As well as the rules I have a bunch of new figures planned for the VSF and historical ranges. At the moment I am trying to finish a couple off things that have been on my bench for a while now, well it’s more than a couple actually!

Another thing I am determined to do is play more games this year and get to grips with several personal projects which have laid in various boxes and bags around the unit for far too long. Then again I wouldn’t be a true wargamer if I didn’t have at least half of my wargames collection unfinished or unpainted!

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